Friday, January 18, 2013

Thinking that you can just learn 3 cantonese words and just walk in to a local restaurant-o-fastfood is very naïve. Of course, most places, especially on the Westerner-infested Hong Kong Island, have english-speaking waiters, but not where I live. Here you can find authentic chinese restaurants with authentic people who can't speak English.

Anyway, so a guy walks into a restaurant and tries to order using the 3 words, "chicken", "meat" and "rice". It does not work. Instead, he is showered with more questions regarding the type of sauce, the colour of rice and more. The foreigner does not even manage to say "I don't understand".

Fortunately, there was a guest who could speak some English. And when I tried it again in another place, they had a friend on the phone. No starving for that day at least!

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