Friday, March 1, 2013


As for English knowledge, this varies a lot. Some people don't speak at all, some speak at an average level and some speak very well, better than me. I heard that some universities teach entirely in English.

Have I already mentioned that education is really big in HK? As well as status symbols and money. One foreigner living here posted this and I do feel very similarly about it:

Ahh... Hong Kong... it takes your insecurities and enhances them tenfold to the point where you're always self-conscious or you don't care about them. Little kids will point out your every flaw while everyone else is silently judging you for your technological and fashion choices. The populace is hungry for money and will jump on any opportunity to make a buck. In the meantime, little Sally Wu is only getting four hours of sleep every night because her mother wants her to be the perfect student.

It might be the environment I work in, but many local students of Computer Science are trying to pursue PhD and other things people usually do in non-engineering disciplines to try and advance their career. Things that programmers and SW people usually don't do, because they don't need it. Because at least in Europe + US most employers consider real-world experience rather than academic degrees.

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