Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Myanmar impressions

I really want to do the impressions posts but after seeing this one collect dust for half a year, let's try a different approach. No one has time to read long posts anyway today.

  • Schwedagon is simply breathtaking
  • beautiful women  on average
  • monks everywhere  they must be a significant portion of the society
  • friendly people  even when trying to sell you stuff
  • weird negotiations
  • no taximeter  ever
  • which country do you come from?  how to start a conversation with a tourist, mostly used by kids
  • plastic garbage getting plastic bags is easy but they don't know they can never get rid of it so it just lies around or they try to burn it
  • night buses maybe locals can sleep better listening to loud soap operas but we couldn't :(
  • great local curry so close to India and yet it's different
  • long-neck women  they are mostly a tourist attraction and that may be one of reasons they still do it. I felt bad going to see them

Great trip altogether!

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